Visa There are a number of specialized jobs that the Thai government has not yet permitted foreigners or immigrantsVisa to take, as they are only allowed for Thai citizens. What are those jobs?

Visa not-allowed-to-do-in-thailand

–          Woodcarver

–          Vehicle Driver (except for Forklift Operator) 

–          Auctioneer

–          Lapidary

–          Hairdresser, and Beautician

–          Handweaver

–          Mat Weaver, or Maker of equipment made from reed, rattan, straw, bamboo, feathers, and web 

–          Mulberry Paper Maker

–          Silversmith 

–          Thai Traditional Instrument Maker

–          Secretary 

–          Legal Service Provider

–          Nielloware Smith 

–          Gold smith, and Rose Gold Smith 

–          Stone Carver 

–          Thai doll maker

–          Alms-bowl Maker

–          Thai Masseuse

–          Cigarette Roller 

–          Tour Guide 

–          Hawker 

–          Silk handweaver

–          Buddha Image Sculptor 

–          Paper & Cloth Umbrella Maker

–          Sales and Representative 

–          Lexicographer 

–          Thai Silk Twister

What kind of jobs can non-Thais do for a living, and under what kind of conditions? 

There are a total of 13 jobs that immigrants can take upon abiding by some specified working conditions.

As per the Thai Ministry of Labor’s Announcement on Jobs Visa not Permitted for Immigrants, the second account states Architect, Engineer, and Accountant. However, to be able to take them, their country must already have made a specific bilateral labor agreement with Thailand. On the third account, immigrants whose country has made a specific bilateral agreement with Thailand can take a specialized or semi-specialized job under an employer’s care. What are those jobs? 

–          Knifemaker

–          Shoemaker

–          Hat Maker

–          Agricultural worker

–          Bricklayer, Carpenter, and Construction Worker 

–          Bedmaker

–          Clothmaker

–          Potter 

On the fourth account, immigrant workers whose country had established the bilateral MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the Thai government are allowed to enter and live in the country, under the supervision of the employer. Immigrants will also be subject to both countries’ Immigration Law. The jobs are shop worker, and general laborer. 


On a last note, in the cases where immigrants violate the laws by having no work permit, or taking on an unlisted job, the act can result in 5,000 – 50,000 Thai Baht of fines, and deportation from Thailand. Another important case is when employers allow their workers to work without a permission, and/or take on a job that is not listed for immigrants; this can result in fines of 200,000 Thai Baht, and/or imprisonment, including receiving a ban from working in Thailand for three years. 

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