• May 10, 2022
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If we talk about scammers, many of us will be familiar with how omnipresent it is all over the internet nowadays. These scammers’ main job is to come up with cunning and innovative techniques to obtain sensitive information from you—whether that be your credit card number, home address, and other important personal information. More often than not, the scammers also even go as far as tricking you into wiring your hard-earned money to them.

Thailand scams

One type of scam in Thailand that is very common and always navigated towards foreigners, is the Thai lady scammers. These people perform romance scams for a living. So, in order for you to not fall victim easily and to protect yourself better against these unlawful acts, we have compiled five useful tips to help you to read scammers like a book. 

1. Protect your information at all cost

When you already trust someone, you may feel the urge to give away your personal information to them; such as your address, age, or even what should be kept secret to you, like your passwords. Be acutely aware that sharing this information with others will put you at a high risk of you being taken advantage of—particularly when they turn out to be a scammer.

2. Don’t follow their instructions 

Try to keep in mind that all scammers have honed in on their ability to convince, influence, and gaslight their victims into doing what they want, to get what they want. They are just infamously systematic and professional when it comes to orchestrating the entire scheme. Typically, scammers will keep communicating with you to build trust first, then proceed to gradually take advantage of you. That is why we have to be cautious; even with those who may be in our circles. They may also approach you as a friend of your friend. It is wise to take a step back to think and reflect with yourself before making any important decision.

3. Never transfer your money before meeting them in real life 

The motivation of the scammers is almost always to get your money. No matter what methods or strategy they may use in approaching you, they will eventually turn those into a streamlined process of ripping your assets away. Never transfer your money easily or engage in any suspicious transactions, or you may find yourself grieving over one of your life’s biggest losses.

4. You can still get scammed even though you have met them in real life 

Scammers are not necessarily always operating online. There are also real-life scammers who come and visit you in broad daylight as well. This is especially true for Thai romance scammers; where you go on a date with them, and they have you hooked from there. If something doesn’t feel right for you, let’s take a moment to re-evaluate the good appearance and their claimed financial status. It is always okay to suspect if someone’s telling you a story which might not contain even one ounce of truth.

5. Time spent together may not indicate anything 

Vulnerable foreigners can often fall for the tricks used by Thai scammers when they talk for a while online. Even though it seems you have known them for a long time, that doesn’t automatically erase the possibilities that they may be scammers in the working.

If you notice anything suspicious, or sense that what you are experiencing might be a scam; one of the best ways to deal with this is to look for a professional private investigator. Using this service will help you uncover what’s hidden, and timely inform you whether or not you are being used and scammed. This can really prevent you from falling into victimhood in the future.


Thailand scams