Crypto Thailand’s Department of Business Development has reported over 7,972 new business registrations in 2022—a 9% increase year on year. This is the most number we have seen in a decade, since 2013; and it is as a result of a rising number of COVID-19 remedial herbs businesses in Thailand.

The top three business types with the most number of registrations this year are: construction companies (914 registrations) at 11%, real estate companies (318 registrations) at 4%, and logistics companies (244 registrations) at 3% of all registrations this year.

Apart from these stats, up until January 2022, there had been 49 foreign-owned business registrations under the Foreign Business Act mandates. Of this number we just mentioned, 18 have received a business license; and other 31 have received a business certificate. The total amount of investment comes at 9.767 billion Thai Baht; coming from 14 Japanese investors with 2.787  billion Thai Baht; 6 American investors with 57 million Thai Baht; and 5 Hong Kongese investors with 5.819 billion Thai Baht.

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