It is not to be denied that, nowadays, the society should be paying more attention to the acts of sexual harassment. This matter must not be ignored as it can at some point happen to you or your loved ones. Today, let’s look at the interesting details of this matter, so we as a society can be more vigilant and collectively help prevent this from happening. 

What is sexual harassment? 

Sexual harassment is the behavior a person exhibits by invading or perpetrating another person’s space, privacy and rights in a sexually related manner—whether through bodily contact, words, or body language. The behavior also includes making sexual innuendos, and other inappropriate bodily approaches; causing embarrassment or humiliation to the victim. At worst, it can be non-consensual sexual abuse and rape which physically and emotionally traumatize the victim in the long run. 

Actions which can be considered sexual harassment. 

As have mentioned above, there are many ways sexual perpetrators can harass someone. The following behaviors can be a clear sign that there is a sexual harassment going on. So, if you find any of these signs in the public, consider taking immediate steps to stop the act and prevent any danger from yourself or the person in distress. 

  • Non-consensual bodily contact, including hugging, kissing, and touching of a person’s private parts 
  • Sexual innuendos through words or body language
  • Showing one’s genitalia
  • Stalking in all forms
  • Threatening or forcing someone to participate in watching pornography 
  • Being watched or recorded or while unclothed or while engaging in a private activity
  • Sharing a person’s sexually-related content without consent
  • Verbally threaten and humiliate someone in sexually-related matters
  • Drugging someone, or put someone under influences to lessen their bodily control and autonomy before or during sexual intercourses. 
  • All forms of sexual abuses and rapes
  • All suggestive acts involving minors

In fact, sexual harassment can come in many more forms than have above stated. To conclude simply, we should take the step to resolve oneself or someone under the distress of sexual harassment once you know it’s happening. If more people are on the watch out for one another, then we can prevent falling victims of the acts which could result in years of physical and emotional agony and traumas. 

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