Remote Working: the flexible working environment for employees and the new business founders

As the COVID-19 global pandemic situation deescalates, a lot of companies are calling their employees back into their offices, after spending long periods of WFH and remote working. But, would you believe if we told you that ‘remote working’ is precisely what helped boost employee’s productivity and business’ flexibility in cost management?  

Remote working can be integral to the early phases of a business in these aspects: 

1.It saves any incurring physical costs, such as office rent, office supplies. This means the business can grow independently of their office sizes. 

2. Business is able to hire more employees, because it is not constrained by the physical spaces and capacity. 

3. Some positions and tasks can be done through third party services, freelancers, instead of hiring full-time employees. This helps reduce the business’ fixed cost significantly. 

4.It can attract better-performing employees to the business. According to the survey done by the International Workplace Group (IWG), it was found that as many as 83% of employees are now considering the ability to work remotely as one of the main factors when deciding whether to accept a job offer. Also, 74% of  employees consider changing into a job that allows remote working even with no salary differences. 

5.It promotes better creativity as a result of working flexibility. This happens when employees are not constrained or limited by a quotidian environment, and are allowed to be more explorative with their work environments. 

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