The COVID-19 situation has become more mitigated. You can now remove your mask to relax in public spaces.

The COVID-19 situation in Thailand sees gradually decreasing number of patients. The National COVID-19 Management Center has announced that people can now remove their masks, with the choice of wearing them, effective from July 1st, 2022. The Center has also specified the following measures for masks in public spaces:  

1. You can remove your mask when in open public spaces, but wear it in spaces with limited social distances, crowds, and lack of ventilation; that is, for example, in public vehicles, markets, gymnasiums, concerts and other.

2.In case you are inside a building, removing your mask when alone and wearing mask when there are crowds is advised. It is best to be inside the building with some social distances, less crowd, and properly ventilated.

3. You can remove your mask when in the middle of an activity which requires mask to be removed; for example, during your meals, exercises, services related to the face, performances, and other. It is advised to be careful, and wear your mask immediately after the activity is finished.

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