The 12 advantages which come with marriage registration: know your rights

The registration of marriage is the process of documenting and verifying the marital status between the two people as wife and husband, or partners, as according to the law. Today, we have compiled a list of 12 rights which come with the marriages.

  1. You both get tax deduction.
  2. Either partner is entitled to the assets and inheritances in case their partner has passed away.
  3. Either partner is entitled to receive remuneration and child support from the government or an employer, in case their partner has passed away on duty.
  4. You can sue or request for compensation from the offender who causes your partner’s death.
  5. You both have the rights to co-manage of their marriage property, starting from the first day of the registration.
  6. You both have the rights to verify your children and legal children, and entitling them to the use of the husband’s last name and assets.
  7. When the partners civilly offend one another, the offender does not have to get penalized.
  8. Either partner can sue anyone who commits violence or abuse towards their partner.
  9. The wife can choose whether to adopt the husband’s last name.
  10. In case either partner commits adultery, another partner can request for compensation from their partner and the third party involving in said adultery.
  11. If the husband marries a foreigner wife, the wife can also apply for her husband’s nationality.
  12. In case of divorce, either party can request for financial or child support from another party.

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