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 Frequently, lgbtq+ dating comes through online dating applications, where you can choose your favored matches based on their looks first, then engage in further conversations and get to know each other better. Finally, both people plan to meet up, but not everything can be ideal, as sometimes personal safety could become an issue. Let’s look at what we can do to meet up our online date more safely.

online dating
online dating lgbtq+

The story must know the dangerous of finding a lgbtq+ couple from a date.

When people use online dating applications by challenging dating apps like Tinder or Badoo. It is possible for perilous situations to happen to the users. This could mean anything from being lured to share your private photos and being blackmailed afterwards, or meeting and being robbed, physically assaulted, or even sexually harassed; and sometimes dishearteningly, to the point of life-threatening harms.

Three tips on how to online date more safely

For lgbtq+ and non-lgbtq+ people who are looking to date from applications, you should know the basics of safety, prevention, and self-protection while using the apps to meet up with someone. Because the dangers of using dating apps come in many forms. Who sometimes fall into the trap of a criminal without knowing A few tips you may find useful are here:

1.Do not share your private information in your first encounters

While it’s true that both will want to get to know and see each other at some point, still any private information shouldn’t be shared early on in your conversations. Let’s avoid disclosing your full name, ID card number, passport number, bank account number, addresses, social media usernames and passwords, workplace , university including other confidential and your not-safe-for-work pictures, to prevent any malicious uses of them. And make sure that the date is not a fake in a fake ceremony and not lending money under any circumstances.

2.Spend time building some rapport first before meeting

While you’re using the apps, avoid meeting with someone from the jump. It is more advised that you get to know them (online) for at least a few months to learn if they are interested in dating and being committed to you. Talking for a day or weeks before meeting up may sound tempting and romantic, but that kind of relationship might also be dubious or disingenuous, and in some cases could put you in a risky situation.

3. Meet your online date in a public space, and let your trusted ones know about it

When your online date and you are now deciding to meet up, it would be best for the rendezvous to happen in nearby public spaces where it is convenient for both of you to reach. That space could be at a food center, a restaurant, or a cafe—and avoid going to a closed-off space like in a room, a cinema, or at an indoor parking lot, or other places you are not familiar with. Also, you should make sure to let your trusted friends or family members know of your whereabouts, so they can come to your aid when anything happens.


Not every encounter through the apps can go wrong or will bring forth unexpected risks, but still an ounce of prevention is worth pounds of fixes. If something unwanted happens to you or your loved ones, or you found out it was a scam and need immediate legal action, then report it to the authorities and contact us at Actio global consultancy —we are very ready to provide you with legal advice , action support and solutions for legal challenge of yours.