Crypto Is your business ready for the implementation of PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act) ?
Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) is a new law which is now enforced in Thailand to protect people’s personal data and information, and  to prevent non-consensual uses of personal data or identities by individuals or entities. This protection concerning humans’ basic rights has now become a new international standard for data management. PDPA legal framework is currently adopted by the European Union, 50 non-EU countries, and Thailand. We are the third country in the ASEAN region where PDPA has come into force. 


PDPA  (Personal Data Protection Act)


The benefits of this new law is that the general population (and consumers) will have better security and privacy over their on/offline activities and participation with the business sector. Meanwhile, the business sector will definitely have to invest extra effort to catch up with this mandate to avoid any personal data infringements. Today, Actio would like to suggest four preparations your business can do with PDPA.

1. Make sure everyone in your business is on the same page and aligned about what PDPA entails—the business now needs to handle consumers’ data more sensitively.

2.Create and update a new Privacy Policy to inform your customers about the data use purposes, the types of information you need from them, and how you will handle these data. Announcement can be made on your website, or any platform that is accessible by all your customers. 

3.Provide limited, selective access and authority of admins over business databases. It is also helpful to think of integrating any standardized security systems or applications to help prevent any risks of personal data misuse or leakage.

4.Making a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) to ensure the protection of personal data is aligned with the standards mandated by the PDPA. If your business needs to transfer the database to a foreign country, also make a DPA with the other side as well. 

The enforcement of the PDPA will be calling for all businesses and SMEs to adapt and learn to better manage customers’ data with more sensitivity. The entire business sector, from now on, have to play by the rules and be considerate with customers’ data to avoid punitive measures altogether. 

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