📌 For today, let’s get to know the simple, but essential, differences between criminal and civil cases. As these two are legal categories into which a litigation is considered whenever it arises.


🔴 Criminal Case
It is a case of violations or breaching of the constituted criminal laws, which cause damage to an individual’s life, community, or to the society at large. For example, if someone’s running through a red light, or possesses narcotics, these are criminal offenses and are punishable by a fine of at least 1,000 THB. In most places, a criminal case is punishable by one of the five ways—fine, forfeiture of asset, detention, imprisonment, or execution; depending on the severity and the scale of damage incurred by the offense.   

Examples of a criminal case: cases of fraud, burglary, assault, murder, raping, forgery of documents, bribery, and embezzlement. 

🔴 Civil Case
Civil case is a litigation which arises between two parties, when either or both parties have breached their contract or agreement. They also may be having a dispute over personal rights, benefits, and losses, and trying to settle it through lawsuits. Normally, the offending party is expected to indemnify or compensate the offended party in the case. For example, a parent’s negligence of their child can be a civil case which demands for child support. The litigation typically comprises hiring an attorney, filing a lawsuit, acknowledging court summons, and responding to court order.  

Examples of a civil case: loan cases, breach of hiring or rental contracts, breach of buying or selling contracts, filing a divorce, child custody.

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