If you’re reading this, then there is already some doubt in your mind.

So in this article, we’re going to help you by giving you questions you need to ask yourself in order to determine if your Thai girlfriend is cheating or not.

Unfortunately, cheating is common in Thailand, and with 6/10 Thai women admitting to cheating “often” in a Study By Durex.

So you can see, the best among us have unfortunately been cheated on, so you’re not alone in your doubts or worries. 

I hope she is not cheating, but unfortunately, lots of you reading this, will not be so lucky.

However, whether she is or not, it’s best to find out now rather than years down the line.

If you find she is being faithful and not cheating, wonderful!

You can move forward with trust in this knowledge and build a stronger happier relationship together.  

So let’s get in to it, here are the questions you need to ask yourself. 

Is she still active on dating sites? 

This is an obvious one if you are aware of it.

Maybe she has said she just hasn’t bothered to delete her dating accounts, or that she is on there for friends.

This is a huge red flag.

It may also be the case she is on these sites and you aren’t aware of it, but thankfully there are ways to find out.

A quick tip is you can reverse google image search her best profile photos to see where else on the internet these pictures are shown.

If it’s still live on a dating website, it will show up. However, this won’t give the full story as apps like Tinder don’t show up in this. 

Are the photos she sends recent?

This is a very common tactic, the Thai girlfriend will send photos of her in her village, but they may have been taken days, weeks or even months ago.

You have to stop and ask yourself why would she send old photos as updates?

Is she really in her village or is she with someone else or staying somewhere else like Bangkok or Pattaya?

Is it hard sometimes to get her to answer her phone?

We understand that not everyone can answer their phone easily during work hours.

But even out of work does she often not answer her phone?

I have lived in Thailand for years, and I rarely see Thai women without their phones, so if she says she didn’t see your call, and it happens often, you have to pause and ask yourself does that really make sense? 

Does she often turn her phone off or on silent when she is with you?

This is a common red flag, if she is messaging other men, the last thing that she would want is to receive a text from one of them during her time with you.

Can you think of another reason for her to turn her phone off or on silent?

Especially if you don’t mind it being on and hearing notifications etc.

You could try telling her it’s ok to have her phone on, and that you don’t mind.

If she insists on keeping it muted or off, you have to ask yourself, why?

Is she guarded with her phone?

Does she make an effort to hide or tilt the screen from your view?

Are you allowed to know her passcode?

Similar to turning her phone off, what is she trying to hide?

Does she ever go and meet a friend and then be completely out of contact for a few days or more? 

This is very common, and you have to pause and ask yourself why? Is this friend a guy?

What it is it about this friend that makes her unreachable on her phone?

Is it another man and she is hedging her bets with a second boyfriend, in case it doesn’t work out with you?

These are very hard questions to ask ourselves, and often when we are in love we often overlook details like this and rationalise them away defensively, as we want to see the best in the person.

Don’t do this, stay with me here, we’re just exploring the possibility that she may be unfaithful, not that she is. 

Does she have a history of cheating?

Has she cheated ever cheated on you before?

Has there been times where you thought she might have cheated?

Has she cheated on other men before you?

This can be hard to know unless you have asked her directly, and even then it may not be the full truth.

However, if she has said yes she has cheated before, it’s just another piece of the puzzle, that when all put together makes you doubt.

Does she have multiple Facebook accounts? Why?

Does she have multiple Facebook, accounts, multiple phones and why?

Sometimes there are legitimate reasons for this, but sometimes not.

This is not to be confused with having lots of friends on Facebook, as plenty of girls have thousands of friends on Facebook and there is nothing to is.

However, is she still friends on Facebook and in contact with people, she has dated before? Why?

Does she go on “girls’ nights” out often?

This can be innocent, once every so often, but if it’s often you have to ask yourself, why doesn’t she want you there?

Why do all these girls not want their boyfriends/husbands there?

Are a lot of them single and ready to mingle?

Does she sometimes come home very late, or even stay at one of her friend’s houses when she goes out with the girls?

Was it really a friend’s house?

Does she use your name?

If it is a long-distance relationship, and she sends you videos or texts that don’t say your name but instead calls you by a non-descript pet name that could be for anyone.

For example “Hey baby, I miss you”, is she copy and pasting this message to multiple guys?

This can be innocent enough, but how often does she actually use your name?

Conclusion – What to do

If any of these ring true to you, then I’m very sorry to hear that.

My advice would to would be to find out for sure now, rather than later.

If you don’t find out now, and you spend years with this person, get married, or have kids, can you imagine finding out then she was cheating the whole time?

Can you imagine having to get a DNA test for what you thought was your 6 year son?

Man, that would be painful. 

The only way to solve this, is to find out for sure, 100% the truth.

The only way to find out for sure is to have an investigator to get you the answers you deserve. 

A private investigator can secretly tail, monitor or track down your girlfriend’s online presence, the whole works.

Your partner won’t ever be aware as they do this discreetly, but you get the answers you need to make a decision.

Either split up or find out she isn’t cheating, and you can move forward with a renewed trust in your relationship, happier than before, and build a great life together.

Either way, it’s best to find out. 

There are countless great private investigators you can use, and if you wish to use our service to get a free quote on how much it would cost to get your answers