It is finally time for Thailand to liberalize the use of cannabis.

In the recent legalization of cannabis, the law has now allowed Thai citizens to ‘plant their own cannabis’ and ‘keep their cannabis’ for mainly household uses. The uses of the plant shall be for medical purposes, healthcare, and for creating value. All parts of cannabis are now no longer considered as narcotics.

Things you can legally do with cannabis include:

1. Planting it for household uses. You must register for a permission first through the application ‘ปลูกกัญ’.

2.Owning and keeping its parts, which include the inflorescences, leaves, stalks, roots, branches, or keeping cannabis extracts which contain no more than 0.2% in THC.  

3.Selling parts of cannabis, for example, its  flowers, and leaves. 

4.Selling cannabis extracts containing less than 0.2% in THC.

Things you cannot do legally with cannabis include:

1. Smoking cannabis in public areas, causing smells or smokes which irritate others, according to the new regulation by the ministry of public health.

2.Providing or selling cannabis to a person of under 20 years, a person with pregnancy, or a person with  lactation.

3.Owning or keeping cannabis extracts which contains more than 0.2% in THC without a license, permission, medical prescription, or authorization from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration Office.)

Now that you know more about the basic regulations, you can follow the three simple steps to register before planting your cannabis and hemp via the application ‘ปลูกกัญ’ :

2.Fill out the purpose form

3.Receive the e-confirmation  

Moreover, you can also register on the website,, or contact the call center by 1556 ext. 3. 

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