Most business trends in 2022 have adapted themselves globally to stay relevant in the digitized world. Businesses are beginning to update their strategies to reach even more potential customers. Certainly, there is a rising batch of businesses that are able to create value in this economy and consequently generate a lot of revenue—by responding smartly to the changing demands from the consumers.

Let’s explore the most popular business trends in 2022: which ones are the consumers’ favorites?

In the past several months, many economic indicators have pointed out the worrisome situation of the Thai economy. This creates much stress for many businesses across many different fields. Amid the crises, however, there are some of the fastest growing businesses that we see in this particular year:

1.Platform-based online businesses

Sell product online
Sell product online

Online businesses established on various available platforms are now at the peak of the Thai markets. In this era, a lot of businesses have repositioned themselves from the conventional face-to-face, brick-and-mortar selling approach to a more full-fledged digital presences, as well as integrate the CRM (Customer Relationships Management) system into their work, for example:

  • Having a business’ website
  • Using social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google Ads, LINE OA, and many more to interact with consumers
  • Being part of online marketplaces, such as Shopee, Lazada, JD Central, and more to increase their presences.

2.Medical and healthcare businesses

The business trends in 2022 for medical and health-related businesses is also one of the fastest rising ones. If we look at the global prevalence of both communicable and noncommunicable diseases, and the growing elderly population worldwide, then we could understand why this industry has become bigger over the past years. There has been more demand for healthcare than ever before, and many hospitals have now employed robots in their services—this in itself is another exciting thing to keep our eye on!

3.House repairment and interior design businesses

Two of the most demanded services during and after the pandemic peak have been house repairment and interior design services. This is due to the majority of people and working professionals changing into work-from-home mode. Hence, the need for house maintenance rises, alongside the need to beautify their work-from-home environments. It is predicted that these services will keep growing in response to this trend. 

4.Food and bakery delivery businesses

As the society has now changed in an almost irreversible manner, The business trends in 2022 the food and beverages, and bakey businesses have to endure a major transformation to better reach the consumers. When people travel outside less and spend more time at home, delivery has become the answer to the customers’ needs in this post-pandemic era. 

5.Online education businesses

During the pandemic, the education industry had suffered quite a great deal from mandated closures. Despite this, tutoring schools, private and public schools, and universities have since learned to adapt and design the curricula into an online education—digitizing their courses and experiences. Many have also integrated new and helpful technologies to support the experiences of learning for consumers, for example, by using virtual reality (VR) technology in the virtual classroom.

If you observe that your business is growing continuously, but adapting to the current consumers’ trend is still a challenge, then reading the ‘3 signs you may need to hire a consultant’ article might help you take a step forward. Chances are you or someone you know might be stuck figuring out the next strategy for the business; Actio global consultancy is very eager to help give consultation and solutions for this business and legal challenge of yours.