When foreigners visit Thailand for a nice vacation trip, if they are a citizen of a certain country, there will be no need for them to apply for a Visa to travel. However, it is quite a different story when you are planning to enter Thailand for ‘business’ purposes. So, we would like to share today some precise and useful information about the Thai business ; to facilitate your best chances of getting one that you look for. Here’s a simple guide to help you follow along and get things sorted out before the entanglement! 


Types of business for foreigners wishing to do business in Thailand

There is only one type of Thai which permits foreigners to come and work in Thailand; it is popularly known as the Non-Immigrant ‘B’. This Visa is categorized as permission for temporary residence. Typically, the Non-Immigrant ‘B’ is issued to people traveling for the following three purposes: 

– For foreigners who travel for business purposes with no transaction or payment; that is, attending a seminar, or an agreement meeting not funded by a Thai organization.

– For foreigners who travel for compensated employment. This Visa’s holders must also have their work permit.

– For foreign investors coming in to invest in Thailand.

Types of business Visa for foreigners wishing to do business in Thailand

Apart from the travel itself, the Thai government is now already issuing another type of Visa; designated for business and professional purposes within Thailand. The Thai business are offered to foreigners in two subtypes:

– One which allows you to travel to and from Thailand multiple times, and is effective from one year to three years. Holders of this are allowed to stay in Thailand for no longer than 90 consecutive days. 

– Onr which allows you to travel to and from Thailand only once. Holders of this can stay in Thailand for no longer than 90 consecutive days. 

However, if it is really necessary for you to stay past the 90-day period, you must go to the Immigration Office and request for an extension of your stay. Otherwise, you will be subject to a fine of 500 Thai Baht per late day. 

More information for those looking to apply for a Thai business

– For foreigners planning to visit Thailand for business, they need to apply for the Non-Immigrant Visa ‘B’ from the Thai embassy or Consular in their own country firstly before traveling.

– Should the current holder of a travel want to switch to a business , they can follow the announced guidelines and make the request at the Immigration Office [except for VOA (Visa on Arrival).]

We hope that foreigners who are planning to arrive in Thailand—whether for business, investment, or similar purposes—can consider following these guides, and apply for the business in the most informed way. If you have any questions regarding the process, or need more information, then we recommend you to contact and inquire from the Immigration Office directly. 


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