Investigation When certain things happen that seem suspicious and mistrustful, we often have to investigate facts and evidence to find an answer. Private investigators are one field of professionals that will  offer help and support to you on this. Investigation services typically include investigating legal cases related to business, for example, fraud investigation (some executives even hire them as personal corporate advisor), or for finding answers to important personal matters. Therefore, before you decide to hire an investigator, you must carefully consider and select to be sure that you can get the result that you want—and it’s going to be worth every penny spent. 

7 things you should know before hiring a private investigator 


1.You need a establish a detailed and thoroughly written contract with the investigator 

Normally, when you hire an investigator, there needs to be a (very) clear agreement on the scope of work which is signed off by both parties. This agreement can entail what kind of work to be done, how it will be done, and to what extent and under which conditions must they investigate. This mutual agreement is set out to prevent any cases where investigators would go over their scope, and potentially cause damages or harms to other third parties down the line. 

2. Ability to respect privacy and confidentiality is super important

In most investigation cases, the hirer’s information and identity are to be kept strictly private and confidential. Hence, it is also very important to consider the investigator’s ability to be discreet and to thoroughly respect your confidentiality. It should be written in the agreement about who is to be responsible when cases of information leak arise. 

3. Consider their expertise and proficiency in investigating 

In hiring an investigator, you need to be confident and positive about their expertise and skills to carry out the assignments successfully and deliver satisfactory results. You can look at their past investigation record and thoroughly evaluate their credibility and professionalism based on the impressions they give. 

4. The speed of investigation is key 

Speaking from the hirer’s perspective, you hire someone to do the job because you want to get faster and better results—in investigation, the faster the better. You should mention to your potential investigator about the expectation of time and date you would need your answers by, and be very clear about it. For example, communicate clearly to them that you expect a report biweekly, monthly, or anything you deem appropriate.

5. The service must be reasonably charged 

Even if you understand it and are willing to pay extra spontaneous costs during the job, or even if the investigator has already established clear rates with you, all prices must be reasonable. Make sure what you pay is worth the results from the service. 

6. Their personality and physical characteristics also matter

Not all candidates will fit as a good investigator for your job, sometimes their looks and character matter as well. More often than not, you will have to look for an investigator with physical agility and seems trustworthy and professional enough. These are all depending on who can work well with you in terms of their personality, age and gender. 

7. They have reliable communication channels to communicate with you

Finally, you need to make sure that there are reliable communication channels between you and your investigator. This will be useful when you need to hear regular updates, or whenever you have any questions or concerns—for your own peace of mind. Having clear communication channels and routine can prevent a situation where your investigator disappears or becomes unresponsive. You don’t want to feel worried and anxious after having paid a good amount of service fees. 

In summary, these are a simple, seven-item list you should know whether you plan to use this service for your SME or other businesses, or even for individual purposes. The careful consideration and selection will ensure you get true answers to your matter, making it worth the fees spent. 


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