🏢  When your business is growing and becoming more profitable, you might start wondering about when you should register it as a company; to expand into more opportunities and successes.

📝In the beginning, a normal trade registration would already suffice for your business. But once the business grows past a certain point, it will be imperative to register it as an official company to propel its competitiveness and leverage all its commercial advantages.  

🟢 Today, let’s look at the ‘5 signs’ on when you should register your business as an official company limited

  1. When you want to increase investment opportunities and expand your business capacity. You would need at least three individual persons to register as a company limited.
  2. When you want to build trust and image of your business for financial institutions to consider giving you loans. Credibility also increases the potential of attracting good business partners that can directly affect your business growth.
  3. When you wish to create more transparency within the operations of the business. This is because your business will now have a separate balance sheet; allowing everyone in the company to see its liquidity, profits and loss situation, and be able to analyze and manage it more effectively.
  4. When you reach an income that is taxable by 20-35% by personal income tax law. You can save it by having your business registered. That way, your income will only be taxable by 20% at most as corporate income tax. So, it is one of the options to help you reduce tax burdens. More so in the case of crises, illiquidity, and loss, your company won’t need to pay any taxes for that year.
  5. When you wish to safeguard yourself in more risky business situations. For example, in case of business damages and bankruptcy, as the owner you will be shielded from being bankrupt, too. Although you may lose the amount invested in that company, you can always still start a new one in the future.

🟢  In a nutshell, if you feel like your business is going very well lately, and you’d like to grow a better competitive advantage for your business, then do not overlook company registration

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