Hiring an employee is a business investment; be more confident with your employees’ performances through regular appraisals and behavioral observation

No matter if you are a small, medium, or big SME, a partnership business, or even a public company, you will probably expect your employees to bring significant contribution and creativity to the table; so that your investment can generate returns. Apart from knowing precisely the scope and nature of the jobs of your employees, another important thing is how to observe and assess their work behaviors so you can be more confident that you have chosen the right people for the job who will not cause negative effects to your business. 

Ask and have conversations with your employees, then analyze the situation. 

The first technique which will help supervisors assess their behavior is to talk to them personally. Make an effort to join an update meeting with them about the tasks every week or month—and ask how everything’s going for your employee. Based on their given answers, look at the way they present their agreement or disagreement, defending points, and other verbal and non-verbal cues; all of which reflect how the employee is truly feeling. From that information, you can analyze what circumstance it is and make future plans for the employees and the business. 

Observe how employees respond to and solve workplace challenges 

Although problems are not exactly wanted in a business, it is believed that challenging times create heroic people. Whenever professional challenges arise, you, as the management or supervisor, should try to observe how your employee(s) use their skills and quick-wittedness to respond to those, and in what manner. This is not only about observing their mindset, decision making, and knowledge, but also to assess their leadership, assertiveness, collaboration, and business’ synergy as well. This lets you know who is a valuable member to have in your business.

Regularly organize performance assessment

Another way to help you understand an employee’s work behavior in several aspects at once—use the Key Performance Index (KPI) which reflects their true performances. You can combine their achievements shown in their KPI with the supervisor’s comment to consider that employee’s suitability for the tasks and position; and to identify who should be promoted and given appropriate raises and, therefore, bring out optimal performance of that employee.

These techniques for observing your employees can also be done during when you are onboarding a new hire into the business—through the application screening, examination, and interview. These screenings will tell you, to some degree, the suitability of a person with the position; and from then, you can continue your observation and assessment to identify the gaps and take the steps to solve them immediately. 

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