Did you know that you can own a business and do commercial activities in Thailand, despite not being a Thai citizen?

🏷️While in Thailand, there are two possible ways to register a business as a non-Thai citizen:

  1. By registering as a Thai business:
    You will need to have one or more Thai citizens to hold at least 51% of the business shares, while non-Thai citizens hold no more than 49% of the shares. Through this way, your business can operate legally and abide by the regulations. 

  2. By registering as a foreign business:
    If non-Thai citizens are holding from 50% to 100% of the business shares, you can still register it as a foreign business (Refer to Foreign Business Act, B.E. 2542.) 

Actio offers you expert advice and support for all types of Thai and foreign business registrations in Thailand. 

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